Providing Wireless Internet to the Redding Area

Internet Service Plans

Affordable High Speed Wireless Internet Service in Redding, Palo Cedro and Happy Valley Area.

Please call for a quote. (530) 224-6866

Equipment & Installation

Call for Quote – Equipment and Installation charges depend on your location.  Call our office at 530-224-6866.

Service is not available in all places, please submit a survey request to see if service is available.


Benefits of Fixed Wireless Internet Service

- High speed Internet connection that’s always on.
- No phone line or cable TV service required.
- No more slow dial-up connections
- Comparable to DSL and faster than other local wireless services. (30 times faster than dial-up!)
- Download speeds up to 6.0 Mbps (192 kilobytes/second); uploads up to 1.0 Mbps.  Can customize service for you.
- System Equipment and Design by telecommunications leader Motorola!   Static IP available for extra charge.
- A small antenna mounts on your roof or eaves, providing a 2-way link to one of our mountaintop sights; Cat5 cable connects to your computer.


* Monthly rates based on Auto Pay. For Postal Pay Invoice add $10.00/month.
* Upload and Download represent maximum speed and is not guaranteed.
** Term contracts include a $170.00 early termination fee. **